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The information provided in this web site is for general information only and is not intended to be taken as or acted upon as if it was legal advice.
If you have a specific legal question or problem, you should promptly consult with an attorney handling such matters in the applicable jurisdiction and who is competent to handle your matter.  The Tenants Legal Center may be able to assist you in San Diego and other Southern California matters but you must contact us and arrange for such service and assistance with one of the attorneys.  Merely contacting us by phone or email to inform us of a problem does not, itself, create an attorney client relationship nor does it mean that any attorney at this office will take any action on your behalf without a specific express written agreement to do so.

Any email or request for legal assistance sent to Tenants Legal Center may be reviewed by an attorney BUT you cannot assume or rely on this review. Due to many factors, all emails cannot be reviewed nor can all emails be responded to.  Some requests for legal services may not be responded to due to the nature of the request or for any other reason within the discretion of the Tenants Legal Center.  If you email requesting service or information and do NOT receive a prompt response, you must take action on your own to protect your rights.  If you are in San Diego, you may simply call the office line 858-571-7100 during office hours (9:00 am to 5:00 pm PST) for information or assistance or you may call your local Bar Association Referral Service. If you qualify for services by Legal Aid, you may also contact them.  If your matter involves property located in a jurisdiction beyond our ability to assist, contact an attorney in that area for assistance.  Please do not send photos or documents unless requested to do so.  Any unsolicited email attachments may be deleted and never reviewed. 
Email is not secure and may be intercepted by unknown and/or unauthorized third parties so act with due care in sending any information in this manner.

External links to other web sites
External links to third party web sites are provided for general information purposes only and are not intended to be acted upon without legal advice.  Please use due care when using external links.  No representation is made expressly or by implication as to the accuracy, relevancy, validity or safety of any linked site or any information contained therein.  You are urged to take appropriate security precautions when leaving this web site to access third party web sites.  

News Stories 
Our participation in news stories and features has been in furtherance of our community service goal over the years of providing useful and important information to the public.  Please be advised that these news stories discussed events and the state of the law at that date of publication and may have been applicable at that time AND to certain jurisdictions only.  The written published or video material of news stories or articles written in informational columns that have run in the past are presented for general information purposes only and not intended to substitute for specific legal advice. The laws mentioned in these stories or articles may or may not apply to any particular situation.  Further, since laws often change, these stories were reasonably applicable only when they were published,  The laws, opinions, discussions or recommendations referred to may or may not apply in any given situation or such laws may have been repealed modified, amended or otherwise changed significantly.  News stories, features and interviews are not intended to be relied upon as if they were legal advice.  Laws, politics and the economy are constantly changing. Therefore, what was relevant and potentially applicable at the date of the original publication may no longer apply at the present time. Please do not rely on any news story or any information contained therein as if it were applicable legal information or advice to you or any specific situation.  For legal advice in a particular situation, promptly consult with an appropriate attorney

New Laws for each year that are summarized
In the NEW LAWS pages, some but not all California (and sometimes local San Diego)  laws are mentioned or summarized.  Such laws may or may not be applicable in other jurisdictions.  These pages list some relevant laws affecting tenants and occupants in properties but it is not a full and complete list of all laws that may or may not affect such tenants or occupants in properties. The information provided therein is of a general nature and is not intended to be taken as specific legal advice.   Legal summaries are only an editorial opinion of the Tenants Legal Center and are not intended nor should they be relied upon as any specific representation of any law.  You are urged to read the law yourself and seek guidance from a qualified attorney if such new law may affect your legal rights.  New laws listed may often expire and no longer be valid so be sure any law you may wish to rely on is still applicable.  Since laws are open to varied interpretation and subject to appellate modifications, anyone with a legal issue should promptly consult with an appropriate attorney for legal advice and any law interpretation for that particular situation.

Renters Law Line
General California law for San Diego is applied in the law line recorded information. While it is updated from time to time, you should not rely on the information to be always up to date nor should you make legal decisions based on information you have heard in these recordings.  Such information and laws may or may not be applicable in other jurisdictions.  The information provided therein is of a general nature and is not intended to be taken as specific legal advice.  For legal advice in a particular situation, promptly consult with an appropriate attorney.

Federal or State Taxes
Any Tax discussions or references may or may not apply in every case and State and Federal rules may differ widely. There are many regulations, conditions and exceptions with these laws.  Therefore, think carefully of the tax consequences before choosing to take any action whether to buy, sell or rent property. That means seek the advice of a tax professional for the most updated tax law information and advice.  You should not rely only on general information in making any decisions without obtaining advice from a tax professional.   NOTE: We are not tax attorneys.  We cannot and do not give tax advice.  Any tax law or regulation referenced or examples given may or may not apply to you.  That is why we urge you to seek the advice from a tax professional before making any financial tax related decisions or taking any actions which may have tax and/or financial implications.

Use of trade name "TENANTS LEGAL CENTER"  and copyrighted website contents.
The use of the name TENANTS LEGAL CENTER is strictly prohibited without the express permission from its owner, TLC LEGAL SERVICES INC., a Professional Law Corporation who holds title to the name and Federal trademark "TENANTS LEGAL CENTER."   The TENANTS LEGAL CENTER name is protected by law as well as the content of its pages on this website.  Only TLC LEGAL SERVICES INC., a Professional Law Corporation, may use the name TENANTS LEGAL CENTER  and this website content.  All others are strictly prohibited from doing so including but not limited to any other attorney or attorneys, office, paralegal, document preparation assistant, website or any other entity whatsoever. (If you are solicited for services by any person or office using this name or significantly similar website contents that is not located at 5252 Balboa Ave, Suite 408, San Diego, CA, please contact us.)

Ownership and Management
TLC LEGAL SERVICES INC., a Professional Law Corporation
is the sole and only owner, operator and manager of the law practice located at 5252 Balboa Ave in San Diego using the protected name "TENANTS LEGAL CENTER ."   The original Founder, Steven R. Kellman, is not an owner, operator, manager, employee nor employer with of or for TLC LEGAL SERVICES INC., a Professional Law Corporation nor with of or for TENANTS LEGAL CENTER in any manner whatsoever.  Steven R. Kellman, Founder, continues in the tradition and commitment to Community Service with volunteer educational and other community interest pursuits.

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