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We are a community Law Office located and practicing in San Diego, CA  providing important and effective legal assistance,
by an Attorney, to residential and commercial renters. We also assist occupants with issues surrounding their occupancy including eviction and other disputes between tenants, occupants and owners. Important assistance is also provided to all occupants (owners, tenants, guests etc.) during and following a foreclosure of the property. Assistance is also provided to Mobile Home, Recreational Vehicle and Floating Home owners. See Services provided

The Tenants Legal Center has been serving the community assisting thousands of tenants and occupants of property.  The Tenants Legal Center has developed unique systems and procedures to deliver high quality legal services to tenants and other occupants at affordable low fees. 

Our goal is to provide an affordable resource for tenants and occupants to become educated and protected as to their rights under the law.  In the technical world of property and Landlord Tenant law, rights are fragile and are easily lost by inaction or improper action.   We work to protect and prevent the loss of valuable and important rights through education, sound legal advice and effective appropriate action.

The Tenants Legal Center is not a referral or marketing agency that exists simply to refer potential clients to outside attorneys.  The attorney who will help you is physically at the Tenants Legal Center office.  Referrals to another attorney may be made upon special circumstances including when a client requires assistance outside of the practice area or for other appropriate reasons. (.i.e. bankruptcy, family law matter etc.).

In addition to providing assistance to our clients, we are active in various contributions in community service and education in Landlord Tenant law and property matter relations.  We continue to be an information resource and aid to countless public and private organizations with useful information, seminars and training. 

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The Tenants Legal Center handles cases in San Diego County.  Cases in other areas of Southern California may also be handled.

This web site is provided as a broader contribution to our neighbors in San Diego County and any other tenant or occupant who may benefit from this valuable information. See Disclaimers  With a better understanding of the rights and responsibilities of the parties in Landlord Tenant relations, many potential problems and disputes may be avoided. 


The Tenants Legal Center was founded in1993 by Attorney Steven R. Kellman who practiced Tenant and Renters Rights law from 1982 to 2012.  Steven R. Kellman graduated from Western State University (now Thomas Jefferson) School of Law (San Diego) in 1980 and was admitted to practice in 1981.  He has handled various civil cases over the years including personal injury and general civil litigation as well as focusing on renter's rights law.

The Tenants Legal Center is relied upon by countless agencies, groups and organizations as an important legal information and assistance resource.  Mr. Kellman has written many legal articles and feature columns on landlord tenant matters in local as well as national publications.  He has written Expert commentaries for LexisNexis and has edited the official California Jury Instructions for Unlawful Detainer (eviction) cases.  He has contributed to Legal Publications including (the Continuing Education of the Bar and The Rutter Group).  He has been designated and accepted as an expert in legal matters including trial testimony.  He has worked on several legislative committees testifying before the San Diego City Council about various laws and other issues. He has served as a Superior Court Judge pro tempore.  He received the highest peer review rating of excellence in legal ability and ethical standards awarded in 2001.  

In 1993, Attorney Christian Curry started his practice at the Tenants Legal Center and has devoted his practice to exclusively representing tenants and occupants in landlord tenant law matters.  His unique experience has included achieving significant results with Mobile Home cases as well as foreclosure and business rental matters. See more.  


In 2011, Steven R. Kellman transferred the ownership and operation of the Tenants Legal Center law office and practice to the current owner, TLC Legal Service, Inc., a California Professional Law Corporation.  Attorney Christian Curry, who is the corporate President, assumed the position of the Director of the Tenants Legal Center and continues in the tradition of community service and legal assistance started in  1993.   The Tenants Legal Center remains active as a community leader and a resource for important legal services as well as information and education to the community.


The names "Tenants Legal Center" and Tenants Legal Center of San Diego" are registered with the County of San Diego as business names and are protected by a  U.S. Trade Mark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office.  The Tenants Legal Center law office, TRADEMARK and practice are wholly owned and solely operated by TLC Legal Service, Inc. a California Professional Law Corporation.


In 2012, Steven R. Kellman, the original Founder of Tenants Legal Center, ceased client representation private practice but remains active in consulting with other attorneys and volunteering time in giving seminars to various groups, government and other agencies and organizations.  He also contributes his efforts in various community and legislative education and projects.  He can be reached directly here.  Steven R. Kellman is not an owner, manager, agent, employer or employee of TLC Legal Service, Inc. a  California Professional Law Corporation or of its dba names  "Tenants Legal Center" or of the "Tenants Legal Center of San Diego." 

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California law for San Diego is applied in these pages.  Such laws may or may not be applicable in other jurisdictions.  The information provided herein is of a general nature and is not intended to be taken as specific legal advice.  For legal advice in a particular situation, promptly consult with an appropriate attorney