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While the information provided in this site will be useful for both landlords and tenants, the Tenants Legal Center offers legal assistance and representation for tenants and occupants only.  Many landlords will still call on us for information on how to be a better landlord or how to best handle their Landlord Tenant disputes.  Unfortunately, we are unable to specifically assist these landlord callers since our efforts and loyalty are devoted to tenants or other occupants facing eviction or who are having problems with the property owners.

We are pleased that some landlords seek information and assistance to better manage their rental business.  The laws regarding Landlord Tenant matters have gotten so complex that even experienced landlords should not handle such matters without professional assistance.  As a landlord (or new owner) of a foreclosure acquired property, specialized assistance may be required to handle any move outs after the foreclosure sale.


If you own any rental property, you should probably hire a property manager.  They will watch your property and handle the day to day matters that are routine for them but could be quite difficult for someone not fully familiar with the rental laws.  The modest fee they charge should pay for itself by the savings they provide in avoiding costly problems.  Find a manager in your area


Joining a landlord association may provide great benefits to you.  They usually provide forms, tenant credit and application screening services, seminars and other valuable assistance and support.  You may wish to contact:

San Diego County Apartment Association
Apartment Owner's Association
California Apartment Association


Owning rental property is a business and it is getting more complex each year.  New laws add complexity to the already complex and confusing rules.  Do not be left behind.  Educate yourself so that you can maximize your investment and minimize costly problems. The advice for landlords is the same as for tenants when it comes to eviction lawsuits. 


Landlords who handle their own matter may easily fall victim to the many technical traps that experienced attorneys (including the Tenants Legal Center) will use to win a case against you. This area of the law is so technical that you should consider seeking the advice from an attorney specially experienced in Landlord Tenant matters. You may wish to contact the San Diego County Lawyer Referral & Information Service or any other appropriate agency of your choice in your jurisdiction for a referral.

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California law for San Diego is applied in these pages.  Such laws may or may not be applicable in other jurisdictions. 
The information provided herein is of a general nature and is not intended to be taken as specific legal advice. 
For legal advice in a particular situation, promptly consult with an appropriate attorney.