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The following is a partial list of the many news and information stories featuring the Tenants Legal Center.  The participation with such news stories and  features is in furtherance of a commitment to community service in providing useful and important information to the public. 

Please be advised that the below references are to material or stories or articles published by third parties that have run in the past and are presented for general information purposes only. The laws mentioned in these stories or articles may or may not apply to any particular situation.  Further, since laws often change, these stories were reasonably applicable only when they were published,  The laws, opinions, discussions or recommendations referred to may or may not apply in any given situation or such laws may have been repealed or otherwise changed significantly.  It is not intended that you rely on a news feature to make legal decisions for any particular situation. For legal advice in a particular situation, promptly consult with an appropriate attorney.


MSN Real Estate
If my landlord is annoying, can I get out of the lease?
Don't fall for these 11 landlord tricks
TV's 'World's Worst Tenants': Don't try this at home
October rental advice: Don't forget to screen your landlord
12 crazy landlord requests

Unlucky tenants: First foreclosed on, then scammed
Is 'cash for keys' a good idea for renters?

Where can tenants turn for help?

Renters: Beware of these lease clauses
7 more outrageous landlord claims
Should I fight my lease? 4 questions to ask
8 questionable rental fees to avoid

How Landlords Get Away With it
Don't fall for these 10 crazy landlord claims
How pets can be a landlord's best friend

Rental Roundtable
(feature column of the UT)
What are renters' rights in foreclosure cases?
Can landlords evict after charging late-rent fees?
Can landlord deny tenancy to smokers?
Can this potential homebuyer break the lease?

Can landlord flip-flop on dog agreement?
How to interpret grace periods for rent
Landlord requires tenant to share travel agenda as part of lease
Should landlord reduce rent for roofing annoyance?
Is there a time limit to sue a former landlord?
Can tenant be evicted over baby?

Help, we're paying for our landlord's utilities
Do you know how your landlord is charging for utilities?

Can security deposit be used as last month's rent?
Can landlord ban puppy from premises?

Tenant questions fairness of cat deposit
Can landlord deduct from deposit for unreturned key?
Can family break lease after rape incident?
The U-T brings back column on San Diego rental issues

San Diego Union Tribune (UT)
Eviction would add to the life of struggle for ailing woman pg 13
Could smoking be banned in SD apartments?
 How to spot signs of a foreclosure scam
6 ways to avoid Craigslist rental scammers
5 basics San Diego renters should know
What can renters do if their landlord is facing foreclosure?
Front Porch: News & notes about real estate
New hotline for tenants caught up in foreclosure
A new Lease
Apartment Complex
What you can do to keep your rental record clean or have eviction set aside
Landlord of opportunity
The other rent check
Suspicion may be mutual in new rental climate

Bolting electric costs hitting renters, too

Apartment rental, occupancy rates slip in S.D. County

San Diego READER
Moving Out Is Hard to Do

Voice of San Diego
When Your Landlord's in Foreclosure

Diario San Diego

Cuidese de companias abusadoras

San Francisco Chronicle

A word about Rent-to-Own plans: Don't
How Renters Get Stuck in Foreclosure Mess
It is Not Business As Usual In California


The Tenants Legal Center has contributed to the Community through numerous
informational news interviews on topics of interest.  (These video news
interviews may still be available directly from the news production websites.)

Some landlords in Pacific Beach raising
 rent prices ahead of new bill

CNBC "On the Money"

Renter's Rights after Foreclosure
Fox News 5 TV
Rental Scams
CW News 6 TV

Tips for Tenants
Foreclosures affect rentals

Fox News 6 TV

Foreclosures affect rent
Condo Conversions
Rent Gouging
Checking Rent Prices
Rent vs Buy
Bargain Rent?


Renter's Rights Explained
Vacation Rentals
Security Deposits
Tips for Back To School Housing (text)
Tips for Back To School Housing

Renting a Foreclosed Home
Security Deposits in rentals
Deposit refunds after Foreclosure
Participation in Spanish speaking Phone Bank


Proposed anti-discrimination law
Renter Rights When Living In A Foreclosure Property
KUSI 9/51.1 TV
Tenants' lease protected by law
Leases after foreclosure

Foreclosure Protections
Turko Files - Security Deposit
Substandard Conditions


American Flag at Apartment
Pet restrictions in Apartment
Eviction during foreclosure (video) (TV Web page)

Tenant Evicted After Complaining About Crime
Landlord won't get rid of rodents
Renters Say Landlord Leaving Them In Dark
Tips For College Students Shopping For Rental Housing
Know Your Rights: Informing Homeowners
Is Your Water Bill Money Going Down The Drain?
Get Helpful Tips For San Diego Renters

KBNTCA 17 Univision (Spanish)
Derechos del Inquilino
Phone bank


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