RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL Renter's rights matters are handled at The Tenants Legal Center (on the side of the  renter or lessee)

OFFICE VISITS-This is a meeting with an Attorney to analyze and discuss the Renter's situation. Advice is given on how to protect and preserve the Renter's rights.  Important letters and legal notices are also prepared, as needed, and mailed that same day.  Many matters are resolved with this visit.

PHONE/SKYPE CONSULTATIONS - This is essentially the same as an OFFICE VISIT but for those who reside out of San Diego County.  We can assist many individuals who have property issues in other parts of California and those who have matters in San Diego but have moved.

DISPUTE RESOLUTION-Sometimes it takes Attorney involvement in the form of letters, telephone calls or legal action to resolve disputes between Tenants and Landlords. These  disputes may include Eviction prevention, Privacy issues, Debt Collection Protection, Harassment etc.

EVICTION DEFENSE-An Eviction can be traumatic to anyone. The Tenants Legal Center is available to assist and defend the Renter in all stages of such legal proceedings from the receipt of an eviction notice right through a court trial. 

EMERGENCY STOP A LOCKOUT - Emergency assistance is available if the tenant/occupant is facing an imminent "lockout" by the Sheriff.  We can bring a special request before a judge to stop a Sherriff lockout. This may allow time to defend a case that you lost be inaction or reopen a case that was closed against you behind your back.

SECURITY DEPOSITS - We can protect security deposit rights with a special demand prepared by our office.  With this document, we can obtain the return of a security deposit or preserve the rights to claim THREE times the deposit in a later filed case we can assist with.

SMALL CLAIMS COURT - Sometimes a dispute must be resolved in court.  We use the Small Claims Court which is cost effective and expedient in resolving claims.  Even though an informal court, California Law still applies. An improper presentation to this Court may cause the loss of an otherwise good case. The Tenants Legal Center can assist in the preparation of these cases including analysis and organization of exhibits, written summaries and legal arguments for the Judge.

BREAKING LEASES - Sometimes a tenant needs to get out of a lease.  We can assist in terminating lease obligations avoiding the so called "penalties" charged in some leases.

UNPAID WAGES FOR MANAGERS - We assist on site managers in gaining back pay owed to them.  This can be additional wages, overtime pay and other compensation. On site managers are allowed minimum wages by law.  Sometimes managers may actually work many more hours than they are paid.  This can be for those always "on call" or for many other reasons. Also, there are strict rules when an onsite manager "works" in trade for rent providing another opportunity for on site manager compensation.

MOBILE HOME OWNER DISPUTES - Mobile Home owners (and those renting in Mobile Home Parks) may face very different situations that traditional residential tenants.  Home owners are covered by a whole separate body of law known as Mobile Home Residency Law which offers many protections and rights not found in other tenancies.  We also handle RECREATIONAL VEHICLE disputes as well as FLOATING HOME (marina) matters.  These both are governed by separate bodies of laws as well.

REVIEWING AND NEGOTIATING LEASES - Having a lease reviewed could save serious potential problems.  Also, leases can be renegotiated.

FORECLOSURE ASSISTANCE - Occupants in a home foreclosed upon face difficult challenges when trying to decide a best course of action.   Facing eviction and aggressive actions by banks and brokers can be traumatic.  We can help get you through this whether you are a former owner or a renter.
REPAIRS - We can assist to enforce tenants rights to have needed repairs made.

ILLEGAL RENTAL RENT REFUNDS - If a tenant is renting or has rented an illegal dwelling, he/she may not owe any rent and may claim a refund of all rent paid in the tenancy. At the The Tenants Legal Center, we have been successful in these rent refund cases.

RESTRAINING ORDERS - When a neighbor or landlord becomes so harassing that you feel threatened and you need legal protection, we can help by seeking the protections afforded by a court restraining order. 

AREAS SERVED - We handle cases in San Diego County including the city of San Diego, North County, East County and South County and the many individual cities and communities within these regions.  (Requests for assistance outside of these areas may be considered on a case by case basis.)

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California law for San Diego is applied in these pages.  Such laws may or may not be applicable in other jurisdictions.  The information provided herein is of a general nature and is not intended to be taken as specific legal advice.  For legal advice in a particular situation, promptly consult with an
 appropriate attorney